Prevnar or Pneumovax

According to the CDC, approximately 900,000 Americans develop pneumonia annually.Anyone can develop pneumonia. However, children under 2 and adults over 65 have been found to be most susceptible. There are currently two different pneumococcal vaccines.  Prevnar (PCV 13) and Pneumovax (PPSV23). The CDC recommends that patients 65 and older receive both Prevnar and Pneumovax vaccines separated 1 year apart. Patients that have never been vaccinated, or if their history is unknown, should receive Prevnar first. The Pneumovax dose should be given at least 12 months later. If Pneumovax has been administered first, the Prevnar can be administered at least 12 months after the Pneumovax immunization. When indicated, Prevnar and Pneumovax should be administered if pneumococcal immunization history is incomplete or unknown. Consultant pharmacist can help facilities tract resident immunization history by reviewing immunization consents and administration records during the medication regimen review. Pharmacist can report omissions and make recommendations when appropriate. For complete immunization Schedule, or from more information please visit the CDC website.